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Brit syth-pop.. yea! Redhead. YEA! aerodynamic hair…YEAYUH! La Roux, their tied to Kitsune. whats not to love? so where’s the show at? CHECK IT SON! BK ROCKS! CHALLLLAAAAAH. yes I love jews. they my neighbors. Shows, another reason why I love New York, But don’t fear my west-coast friends, these beezies will be at Popscene […]


As some of you know, the other day I blogged about Topshop opening here in NYC at Broome & Broadway on April 2nd. After a 5 month set back, TopShop is ending the long awaited opening of their first yankee store with a big ole party. And the stars are coming out. Well there have […]

BCUZ i’m a single asian.

can someone translate the korean at the end of the video? btw, I can attest to half of this video. so true. Our house should have made this last year. I can be the awkward dancing one on the left.


Twilight fans might be slightly obsessive, but at least they have mad photoshop skillz. Some then even go on to write tribute novels and attempt to get them published. yes, that was a real reading from a very long fanfic. lolololol. I love twatlight fans. they are epic. here’s some kristen stewart. i love her […]

New York, New York

New York. The long time mecca for thousands of would be aimless Americans & nonAmericans. What’s with New York, and why do so many people come here?  For a long time I have always thought I was an East Coast girl at heart, even though I probably can’t make it through the day without “hella” […]


In celebration of TopShop’s grand opening next Thursday at Broome & Broadway(!!!! so excited, really) , I got some british babes for you to look & listen to! Laura Marling Isn’t she a darling? and she sings nice too! this english singer-songer writer is only 19! I really like her lyrics, some of you emu […]

icelandic dreams

I’ve stumbled upon some new artists these last few days. Well they aren’t really new, but I don’t think they have huge following here in the states. The first band I happened to find : Sin Fang Bous, a project one man project by Sindri Már Sigfússon. Think folky, experimental icelandic tunes set to dream […]