New York, New York

New York. The long time mecca for thousands of would be aimless Americans & nonAmericans. What’s with New York, and why do so many people come here?  For a long time I have always thought I was an East Coast girl at heart, even though I probably can’t make it through the day without “hella” and I still love in’n out.  Its now my 18th day here in New York, and no I haven’t fallen in love. . . yet.

I had an interview earlier today at a cute french pastry shop in Chelsea, sadly I don’t think I am going to get the position.  While feeling sorry for myself and chain smoking on a park bench, I started to think about my time here in New York.  It’s not like I haven’t been having a bad time, but it hasn’t been exactly spectacular.  It could possibly do with the whole unemployment thing, but I don’t think that’s just it.  Coming to New York, I think its common to have all this expectation.  But all these expectations just lead to disappoint.  And so, its no wonder so many become jaded and let down with this city.  But how can it be different?  So many people, and even myself have been going about it all wrong.  All the preconceived notions I had prior to coming clouded my view of the real New York.  It was only when I was wallowing on a bench at Madison Square Park, watching big men walking their little dogs, did I realize this.

no pants ride

no pants ride

A few hours later, I decided to go check out TopShop too see if they were hiring.  Trekking through TriBeCa, I remembered why I came.  New York is New York.  You can’t put it in words or thoughts.  It’s just what it is, meaning it’s the sketch guy trying to sell you a ‘coach’ bag, that group of well dressed 20 somethings at the streetside cafe, the 3 a.m. visits to get some hotdogs at some Papaya Place or the 24/7 subway that smells weird. I might be unemployed, but I’m still glad I came.

interpol – NYC



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