As some of you know, the other day I blogged about Topshop opening here in NYC at Broome & Broadway on April 2nd. After a 5 month set back, TopShop is ending the long awaited opening of their first yankee store with a big ole party. And the stars are coming out. Well there have been some rumors in the blogosphere that there are going to be some pretty big names. On Topshop’s American website they tout:

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, Justine D, The Whip and other surprise acts. With DJs on hand throughout the opening week.”

Sounds good right? Well thats not the end of it, the internet bloggers have been dropping names like Santigold (aka formerly Santogold), Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson for the stores grand opening.

BUTTTT their are conflicting dates as to the actual show. Some people are saying its a day before the scheduled opening of April 2nd, while others are still saying opening day. There are some whispers of Kate Moss also dropping by(she has a line with the British retailer). Who knows, maybe even Ye might show up. TopShop is doing it right. So make sure you mark both days on your Calenders kids, either way, its going to be a party!

God I love them Brits.


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  1. fuk this. tho i wont b complaining when im in ny. except overseas stores in the US suck my left titty.

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