Monthly Archives: April 2009

Drunk Facebooking: Don’t do it!

Drunk dialing/texting… it’s nothing new. Who hasn’t woken up the next morning and started freaking out because they sent a text or left a message to that one “ex”. If you have caring friends, at some point during that night out on the town, they will confiscate your phone as to prevent you from humiliating […]

I need a haircut

Sometimes I really wonder what people are thinking. In case you haven’t been following the pop cult, Cassie just got a haircut… speaking of which I probably also need. I just probably wouldn’t go to her stylist. sorry girl. In trying to decide just what kind of a cut I want, I’ve been thinking about […]


If you’re an older man that likes younger partner, your a typical average male. If your a woman who likes younger partner, your a cougar… or Samantha Ronson. jk! i’m actually terribly sad about their break up to be honest 😦 Any, back to the point.  So who are these cougars, and why are they […]


Don’t have a twitter yet? Don’t worry. Most people don’t. ..Unless you are a celebrity like Shaq or Lindsay Lohan. Don’t worry, only 10% of Americans on the net use twitter.In fact, your probably totally confused as to just what the heck it is. To put it simply, it’s a miniblog/status update of 140 words […]

she’s an ANNIEMAL

If you like indie infused electropop, you probably have heard Annie’s “Heatbeat” & “Antonio”. If you haven’t yet, you totally should. I recommend Designer Drug’s rmx of Anthonio to be specific and MSTRKRFT’s Heartbeat. Annie, like many cool blondes, is from Norway. She’s been on the scene since 1999. Sure shes’s in her thirties, but […]

Do you EAT? some links for you to consume.

ok, so now that I am a poor struggling recent college grad living in Brooklyn NY, I am doing the most sensible thing I can think of:  I am going Vegetarian for a month.   So before you ask how this can possibly be sensible, and if your veg already your saying pss 1 month, let […]

the jewhood

Incase some of you didn’t know, I live in the Jewish part of Brooklyn. no lie. My neighborhood is way cool. It’s a mixture of Hasidic Jews, homeboys and hipsters. TRIPLE H in teh HOUSE. that means, I can get challah, fried chicken and vegan meat in my hood. WORD. In honor of my Neighbors, […]