American Apparel vs. GAP

american apparel & Gap ads

Simplistic yet iconic prints ad by American Apparel & Gap. AA just added in some extra sleeze factor tho

So has anyone noticed the increasing number of American Apparel shops sprouting all over the place?  This is a big feat, especially with this economy but American Apparel is on the go.  In NYC alone, there are 17 stores! And that’s not even accounting for the hipster haven that is Brooklyn!

OK so I am not the first one to notice this. hell, I’m probably close to last but American Apparel is this decade’s GAP.  In the 90’s remember how Gap was the “in” thing? All the kids wanted Gap logo anoraks, you had a cool shoulder strap bag and if anyone worked there, they were envied mad  cuz it was mad COOL.  Now, everyone walks around in their AA gold lamé leggings, with their sleeze spot focusing deep V’s.  It funny how it was cool to conform in the 90’s and so shopping at Gap was way legit.  Now it’s cool to be “different” and alternative, so they stopped shopping at the Gap and went to AA.

It’s sad to see today’s Gap ad campaigns.  In the late 90’s they were way cool and fun! American Apparel ad’s are just the poor hipster kid’s Hustler.

My Childhood Favorite Gap TV ads:



  1. khakis were my thing . i laid them out for school the nxt day with my kicks x

  2. Anonymous · · Reply


  3. you know you like your v’s

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