Do you EAT? some links for you to consume.

ok, so now that I am a poor struggling recent college grad living in Brooklyn NY, I am doing the most sensible thing I can think of:  I am going Vegetarian for a month.   So before you ask how this can possibly be sensible, and if your veg already your saying pss 1 month, let me explain the “logic” behind my thinking.

1. I can’t afford meat. Meat is expensive. Yes, so are vegetables. but lets get real.. I suck at cooking, a a salad is so much cheaper than a meat entree.

2. Its the Green thing to do. If i need to explain this, you fail.

3. All the cool kids are doing it, just like they are wearing skinny jeans. And we all know, not EVERYONE looks good in skinny jeans.

4. Ok I really want to look somewhat decent in skinny jeans.

Now that it’s Day Two into my Veg Tour, I have found myself reliant on WebFood sites in order to find good grub. Of course now a days, every one has a veg option including Red Robin’s … but only so many places make it tasty and edible.  But thanks to these cool sites, maybe I can be vege for even longer! YAY!

I was debating if I should even include this, but being that Yelp is the godfather of all food-related websites i was ever so inclined. Cool Fact: You can see upcoming events in your area as well. Also if your really lonely, you could probably make some Yelp friends. No lie.

Have an ipnone, but not this app? Your no fun 😦  for those with Crackberries let me explain the geneyus that is urban spoon. As explained on the internetz ”  iphone’s GPS to detect nearby restaurants in the area, Urbanspoon presents you with a slot machine-like listing of cuisine types and price. To activate the slot machine, you give the phone a hard shake . The dials will spin aroundand you’ll be presented with a suggestion.  No iphone? no worries. Why the website is cool: They rate in PERCENTAGE. sometimes 1-5 stars just arent enough.  Also you can follow the latest buzz by neighborhood or check out the local foodie blogs that they link!

I’m always on the internetz, but I have like no time to sift thru those review sites, thats why I check out Tastingtable.  I don’t trust all those reviewers on yelp, I swear some of those Elite Yelpers just yelp anything.  Tastingtable is all food, NO HYPE. They actually go to everyplace they review! You can get daily email about food/drink culture.  If you live in LA or NY, even better! TastingTable has cool places to check out, or the dl about old favorites.

Do you have avegan boy / girlfriend? Are you trying to get one?  Has a friend who is on the Atkins Diet?  The Menu Pages is a rad little site that has pages on pages of menu’s of the only cities that matter. or maybe the only cities that have tech savvy foodies : New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C., Boston, Philidephia and apparently all of South Florida likes the interwebz.

Rather look than touch? Slightly Masochistic?  Check our Food Porn Daily.  Their motto is Click. Drool. Repeat. Hey, I know I stopped eating meat, but I can still appreciate a nice steak when I see it. They have Hi-quality photos of the GOODS. And damnnn, do they look tasty.

Hope you get your grub on all.



One comment

  1. bhahahahaha that burger looks grub . and pffffffft to you being veggie, what are you amber or something?

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