Don’t have a twitter yet? Don’t worry. Most people don’t. ..Unless you are a celebrity like Shaq or Lindsay Lohan. Don’t worry, only 10% of Americans on the net use twitter.In fact, your probably totally confused as to just what the heck it is. To put it simply, it’s a miniblog/status update of 140 words or less. Ok, sounds simple enough but whats the big deal?

Well these are my TOP 3 Reasons to Twitter’s succexy:

1. We are all attention starved, narcissistic, and egotistic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know that:

gracenotkelly Finally getting some melatonin in madison square park. Holla”

2. Our attention spans are way short. 140 words and less is the new mass text/ blog/email. We’ve always had a lot of time on our hands.

3. It’s pleasure, but its BIZNZ. Whinny tweets (“msgs” in lay man terms), can turn productive. Example:

erobs12 damn, I’m sexiled. UGHHHHHH

jtweety @erobs12 Down for a BOOTY CALL 😉 ?

Now with Webz 3.0 and all, big BIZNS has noticed and wants in! So if you want in, and are in the SF BAY Area…

it’s going to be only the most tweeted about event, EVR.

yes ppl, there really is going to be a twitter convention. And of course, it’s in San Francisco.

Now watch this funny video about Twitter by Al Gore’s posse @current

tweet you later


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