If you’re an older man that likes younger partner, your a typical average male. If your a woman who likes younger partner, your a cougar… or Samantha Ronson. jk! i’m actually terribly sad about their break up to be honest 😦

Any, back to the point.  So who are these cougars, and why are they so rare?  Should we be calling them unicorns instead?   Well TVLand is following the dating reality show band wagon but don’t worry, it’s not a show following a bunch of senior citizens and their geriatric escapades.  On April 15th, TVland is premiering, THE COUGAR: One hot 40 year old MILF’s quest to find her younger man.

It’s not terribly surprising that TVland is bring this innovative dating show to audiences today.  With the famous cougars we have today, it’s going to be the next BIG thing.

cougarWhy should the boys have all the fun?  It should no longer be so taboo for women.  There is no better example of Female Empowerment than the Cougar. So girls, in the words of Stacy,

I am Cougar, hear me ROAR!”



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