Drunk Facebooking: Don’t do it!


Drunk dialing/texting… it’s nothing new. Who hasn’t woken up the next morning and started freaking out because they sent a text or left a message to that one “ex”. If you have caring friends, at some point during that night out on the town, they will confiscate your phone as to prevent you from humiliating yourself. Now, your loving friends will have another reason to take your phone away. Drunk facebooking.

Thanks to FB apps on crackberries & iphones, we have a whole new set of problems to worry about the next morning. It might seem like a good idea to friend request that “hottie” you just made out with..but by next morning when your beer goggles have fell off and you fbstalk him it’s wait… he’s not so hot. actually, he’s pretty fugs. shitshitshit… sometimes it’s just better to not know, if you know what I mean.


And that’s just the beginning of it. With the ability to poke.defriend.comment.msg we are totally screwed! With DDT (drunk dialing & texting) at least you have a record, on facebook there is no way to know if you friend requested your ex’s current girlfriend! awkward… OOPs.

So if your a good friend and you care, after a rager of a night please take my phone away from me….and my laptop, just to be safe.

k thanx ❤




  1. whats all this “him he” business!

  2. way to let your blog die, dude.

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