Let’s be friends and Cosplay together <3

As some of you might know already, I like nerdy things.  Things like glasses, reading and Anime.

If you don’t know what anime is, please go wikipedia it.  I will not attempt to define it.
Like anything that is slightly subculture, Anime has its fanatics.  Die hards are a special breed. They are the ones who partake in the extreme sect of “Cosplay”

If you have any idea of what cosplay is in America, then you probably have an image of this:


American Cosplay is endearing, but it fails horribly.

Some times its not so bad tho..

But sometimes, its pretty epic!

However, America still has nothing on Japan.
For some reason, when Japan does cosplay, its just sexy.



Cosplay, is it the new fabulous or fanaticism gone wrong? Maybe it’s like anything great and foreign, Americans should just stick with what they know. Startrek and Batman



  1. hey not all cosplay is like that wherever you got those pics it must have have been a crappy place you have to know where to go to take the awesome ones and of course you wont ever see a bad picture of japanese cosplay if theres a bad pic there’s no way that they’d ever post it on the net duh!

  2. Can you say “misfit?”

  3. haha nice.

  4. thank you

  5. Chelsie · · Reply

    I agree 100 percent with Kayla. Its Cosplay, it was invented by Japan, of course they are going to be better at it, ITS THERES.
    Stop bashing and get some knowledge in that thing you call a brain.

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