Qtr Life Crisis @ 22? SWEET, that means I’ll at least be 88 Right?!

Early today, I was totally being obnoxious to some of my friends.  Alright, it’s not that I’ve been sippin on the haterade.. so what’s the deal?  Yesterday, I was HELLA HAPPY! What’s with the bipolar-esque range of emotions?!  Thinking hardly, I  always jokingly referred to the more “questionable” periods during my college transcript as times of “qtr life crisis”.  Let’s get real, I never really experienced a qtr life crisis during college. I was just lazy (which I am totally not anymore FYI~)

Having to convincingly keep up this ‘image’ I constructed for myself, I had done a little research.  Now a couple of years later, I think I may have regretted this like that kid who cried wolf.

So why is a quarter life crisis only half of a midlife crisis?! And why is it plaguing me & my generation?

Well after visiting the “all knowing” aka Wikipedia, I found this list of telling characteristics.

  • feeling “not good enough” because one can’t find a job that is at one’s academic/intellectual level
  • frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career——makes for the best material for heartfelt indie rock. my favorite 🙂 or maybe 😦
  • confusion of identity—Explanation for the lost bros in Williamsburg
  • insecurity regarding the near future——Why I have commitment issues
  • insecurity concerning long-term plans, life goals
  • insecurity regarding present accomplishments
  • re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships——Oops. My bad. At least now I know why! I ❤ U IRL!
  • disappointment with one’s job
  • nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life——reason why Asher Roth is famous
  • boredom with social interactions
  • loss of closeness to high school and college friends—–Let’s hope this doesn’t happen too much
  • financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
  • loneliness—–emobear
  • desire to have children——but the kids on the train are so cute!
  • a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you—–It’s cool to underachieve k

So damn right!? uh oh, am I screwed for the next five years?! Fear not my twenty-somethings! Christine Hassler who wrote Twenty-Something, Twenty-Everything (2005) has the answers!  She also has a blog over at The Huffington Post where she occasionally addresses reader generated questions!

If thats not your thing and you lazy/apathetic, you could always just watch these movies:

st-elmos-fire reality_bites


Hey, I got Netflix!




  1. life sucks blue balls

  2. ok so you’re right, you may be experiencing a quarter life crisis. I just didn’t want to believe they might last for like, 5-10 years. agh!!!

  3. welcome to my life!

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