365 Days later, I still love you

Hey Mamis and Papis, its Januaray 2010. That means it’s time for the mandatory year in reflection blog entry!! Oh 2009, did I love you or hate you? Or did we have one of those tumultous love/hate relationships that you should probably leave but the make up sex was great and we were already cohabitating and too lazy to look for a new apartment… well 2009, I loved you.  Of course not always, but for the most part yes.  In our short 12 months together, we’ve shared many memorable occasions.


Our first month together was kind of a hot mess. Kinda hazy but slightly memorable thanks to paparrazi friends.  We probably had too much fun but hey it was our first month together.

tahoe hotmess new years

A couple of months into it, we were already serious and I did something I had always wanted. I moved across the country, and you came with me. Looking back it was a good learning experience, but we probably should have waited. New York had a long winter, and it was DAMN COLD.. for the first two months it was a struggle.  Futile job hunts, homesickness and the flu really made the future look bleak. I had a mild quarter life crisis and started to question everything…especially you.

23rd and sixth

Then came Spring.  With the return of the greenery, my sanity also came with. We finally started settling down.  New friends were made, new restaurants favorited and we had found fun in eachother’s company again.

"NY MAG: my first New York"

Spring was short, but Summer was welcomed with open arms.  There is something about Summer in New York. It’s the shit, and New Yorkers/Transplants/Tourists all know this.  Summer makes you fall in love with the city, and coincidentally this was when I fell in love with you 2009.  I don’t know if it was the summer heat, all our crazy adventures or simply the fact that you look great with a tan, I was in love. And I was happy.

bk love

I wish I could say the rest of the year was like Summer, but Summer was Summer and Fall was Fall. And as quickly as we found our Summer love, we soon started to fall out.  Maybe it was our lack of time for eachother, or maybe we were slowly becoming different people but the little bits and pieces started to add up.  The city is a big place, and we were at pivotal points in our lives.  We just grew apart.

greenpoint rooftops

Luckily we could both see this coming.  We both knew it was too good to be true and that it would probably someday end.  It just happened that 2010 was starting to come into our lives.  We didn’t end because of anyone else.  We ended because we had too and our relationship had taken its course. Even if we are no longer together today, and yes I am now seeing 2010,  but I will love you always 2009.  We were great together but things change and even if we were to hold on to what we once had, it would never be the same.  Here’s to our year together. Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a Happy New Year.

runaway bride



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Nicely said.

  2. blah and blah · · Reply

    Nicely said.

  3. Liz from the Jewels · · Reply

    Grace this is wonderfully eloquent, it really touches me! he-he. No, seriously though; if only you knew..
    Love the blog!

  4. Kevin in Japan · · Reply

    GRACE! You’re so clever! Now I want to write one too, but I won’t because I’ll feel like I was totally biting off your great idea ><. Stay warm in NY :b

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