Holiday Procrastination: Profile Pic Palooza

Being home for the holidays means I finally have time for everything I have been putting off for the last 6 months.  It also means, I have more time to procrastinate than my busy New York lifestyle allows me to ( please note the sarcasm).  While rummaging through potential new FB profile pictures, I realized this task was a lot hard then it used to be.  Have I become boring and just have no cute photos? Am I Facebook-ed out?  Or am I just over the ‘oversharing” that is the cornerstone of all social networks?  To be honest, I don’t think its any of these reasons.  Mainly because I am a Leo and social networks seem to appease our appetites when it comes to the self obsessed.

So to figure this out in the most logical way possible, I did a statistical analysis of the 30 photos that make up my current profile picture album.

11 are photos of only myself.

~ 7/11 of these photos were taken when I got a new hairstyle.

14 are photos of me with friends.

~Of the 14 photos there are a total of 15 different people. 5/15 appear more than once.

5 are a photo where a beverage is present.

~4/5 of these beverages do not belong to me.

4 photos are taken on a rooftop.

~2/4 of these you can make out a water tower.

2 blatantly contain graphic manipulation ( photoshop/wordpaint ).

1 is a photo of me in a crowd

1 is a photo of a cat

1 is a photo of my feet

1 is a photo of me as Dracula

So what does this all tell me, and just exactly when am I going to get a new profile pic?!

Well from these 30 photos, I think any passerby/stalker can deduce that:

I’m a twenty something  Brooklyn hipster ( water tower rooftops, photoshop skillz, obsession w/own hair) who has a handful of perpetually drunk friends (beverage photos, 5 friends) that share interests in cross-dressing(Dracula), minimalist art (feet) and LOLcats (cat).

Now about that new profile pic…


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