January = Mondays

Its January folks, the “holidaze” are over so put some pants on and welcome back to the work everyone!

Please don’t read that previous sentence as chipper.  Rather, I think if I sound positive enough, I may just trick myself into a positive mood and make this month go by faster.  Some of you may be reading this and wondering, “where is she trying to go with entry?”  Be patient Grasshopper..

My dear student, one day in hopefully the far far future, you will come to a place where you are a lost, meandering foreigner.  The ability to be late does not exist so you will wake up the same time everyday, even the two days you attempt to sleep in.  8 hours do not include travel time.  Three day weekends are better than getting lucky.  There will be days when you will have to wear “nice” pants and socks for the majority of the week, if not every day!

This is the “real” “adult” world kids.

No. You cannot have a two hour break midday to eat & socialize with friends.

No. You cannot be full time and only show up three days a week.

No.  You cannot leave to catch your bus/pilates class if we are not done.

Time is different when your in the workforce…

Thankfully there is the holiday season, our glowing ray of light.  With November and December back to back, we have time to rest and rejoice and remember when what it was like to have a full nights rest.

Not only are we finally allowed to sleep till past noon, we don’t have to smell nice all the time.  It was not necessary to go to the gym to maintain our figures.  Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and midnight snack really can exist all on the same day. Wearing sweat pants all day is encouraged. Ok maybe that was a little overboard but seriously I have a whole new perspective on vacation and time-off. Cherish those school breaks while you can, eventually all days in January = Mondays.

*Side note: This entry was written for amusement. I love my job and the folks I work with. I shower daily. I prefer shorts over sweatpants.



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